HCL Laptop Service Centre In Kolkata

Galaxy Services is the best HCL laptop servicing store in Kolkata. We are proud laptop repairing centre who offer quality and authentic laptop repairing services at discounted rates. You can easily get your much loved HCL laptop repaired at low price from our store. Our experts will guide you to get the best service according to your requirement.

Get impressed by the services of HCL laptop service centre in Kolkata

Laptop is an important electrical gadget required daily by workers. Basically computer related jobs do have a high priority for laptops and desktops. Now, what if the laptop starts creating problem?

With Galaxy Services there is no problem at all. We specialize in a variety of work. Among which laptop repair is one important work that we undertake. All works related to HCL laptop and screens or any other part of the computer are solved quickly and easily by us in Kolkata laptop service centre. We have a wide range of service to choose from. All works are done at low cost and comes with a warranty. Time saving and transparent procedure of repair makes us popular.

HCL laptop repair centre

Services offered:

There are a wide range of services offered by us:
• Screen repairs if the screen appears hazy.
• Problems of keyboards in case of laptops.
• Keyboard button plugs out.
• Spare parts of all electrical gadgets like DVD, VCD are repaired.
• Battery problems like if the item is plugged in yet does not get charged.
• Speaker problems related to sound.
• Improper shutdown problems.
• Thermal shutdown.
• No start up.
• No power.
• No booting.
• Wi-Fi or Bluetooth problems.
• Any BG IC replacements or repairs.
• Thunder lightning damage.
• Damage during Crash.
• Delayed booting AND MANY MORE.

Procedure of work:

HCL Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata works in a transparent way.
1. At first they make the customer sign in every spare part of the item given to repair.
2. A receipt copy is given along.
3. The cost ranges between INR 700 to INR3500.
4. Warranty is offered at repairs for 6 months.
5. New laptop has a warranty of 1 year.
6. Customer is delivered the laptop at an interval of 2 days.
7. Maximum time taken for the work is 5 days.